All prescription medications that leave the facility are non-returnable and non-refundable.

For liability reasons, in order for us to see your patient, the patient must have a current Rabies vaccine on file, either from us or documentation from elsewhere. If we do not have proof of a current Rabies vaccine at the time of appointment we will require that it be updated during this time.

Keeping Up with Pet Wellness Care in Santa Clarita

Did you know October is the AVMA’s National Pet Wellness Month? While every responsible pet owner cares about their pet’s health, this month is a great time to think about the ways you can make sure that you’re doing all you can. And to help, Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital has a few tips on how you can improve your pet wellness care in Santa Clarita.

Manage their Diet

Just as in humans, an unhealthy diet in pets can lead to poor nutrition, obesity, and other health problems. Make sure your pet is eating a food formulated for their breed, age, and activity level, which meets the AAFCO’s nutritional profiles. Avoid homemade pet foods and table scraps, which may deprive your pet of good nutrition and even sicken them.

Keep them Stimulated

A pet without mental stimulation can become lethargic or may act out to relieve boredom. Your pet should get some play time with you each day to keep them active and happy. Dogs should be walked a few times a day, and even cats, in some cases at least, can be trained to take a leash or tolerate a backpack carrier for journeys beyond the home. The important thing is to safely give your pet enough variety, activity, and mental stimulation to keep their life interesting.

And Keep Them Safe

Your home or yard can hide dangers for your pet, including dangerous chemicals, parasites, and stinging or venomous insects or snakes. Be mindful of things your pet shouldn’t get into and keep them out of reach. Also, make sure fences and other enclosures are secure to keep your pet where they belong.

And for the Best Pet Wellness Care in Santa Clarita, Let Us Help

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to make sure they are getting regular checkups with a vet. We can help assess your pet’s health and counsel you on the best ways to keep them in top condition and help catch problems early. Let us be part of your pet’s wellness care in Santa Clarita. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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